Bad Female Academic

In the Summer of 2011, I decided to start a series of posts exploring the intersections of my various identities. Re-reading them now, I realize how naive I was, but they were important to write for myself back then, and they still resonate with people, so here is the entire Bad Female Academic Series (although one could argue this whole blog should have been called Bad Female Academic).

What is Bad Female Academic?
Loving Research AND Teaching
Administrative Ambition
On Being a Wife
Motherhood and Being an Academic
Non-Academic Interests (or Having a Life)
Being Loud (and not Funny)
Getting Dirty
Being Myself
Slightly Progressive Parenting
Am I in the Wrong Class?
Not Interested in Passing
Shameless Self-Promotion
My Bawdy Body
Admitting I’m Wrong

I also now have some posts over at my new home at Inside HigherEd:
Emotional Wreck
More Money, Please
I Want to be Bad
On Being Myself, Redux 
Review of Mudwoman 2
Green-Eyed Monster
Putting Myself First
Just Say No